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A Candid Look at eLearning Lists

Every year, countless blogs and articles pop-up with "Best Australian eLearning Companies." While they might catch your eye, it's essential to peel back the curtain on these lists and understand why they’re not actually helpful and transparent.

It's no secret that these lists are primarily SEO tools. They're designed to capture your attention in search results, bring you to their sites, and ideally, make you think their number one recommendation is the best (spoiler alert: it’s their own company). It’s a clever marketing tactic but also diminishes the value.

With this in mind 😉, let's dive into our top pick for the best Australian eLearning company: OBSIDEA. Yes, we're aware of the irony here. However, let's break from tradition and discuss why OBSIDEA truly deserves recognition, aside from its SEO prowess.

OBSIDEA is not your typical eLearning company. We stand out with our comprehensive, bespoke eLearning solutions and our innovative approach to learning technologies.

 Our range of projects and client testimonials are a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of learning design. We integrate cutting-edge technologies with human-centric designs, making learning a truly immersive and engaging experience. 

Evaluating eLearning Companies and what to look for:

Instead of us listing another five eLearning companies that aren’t actually eLearning providers like most lists, let’s give you a list of what you should be evaluating when it comes to finding the right vendor for your organisational development:

Content Quality and Relevance: What industries have they worked with? Are they happy to give you examples of what’s worked before?

What technology do they use: Find something that works WITH your business, not something that you have to continuously pay them to maintain and host.

Support and resources: How flexible are they? Do they create training and just white label it? Or do they want to work with your business to ensure you’re getting a bespoke products?

Are They Hungry: Are they giving you a sales pitch, or are they genuinely interested in working with you and the project?

The Human Touch - Don't forget the human element. How well does the company communicate and understand your needs? Are they responsive and proactive, or do they leave you hanging?

At the end of the day, while rankings of "Best Australian eLearning Companies 2024" can serve as a starting point, they often do not tell a transparent story. By focusing on shortlisting your favourite vendors from multiple searches and using some best practices, you can ensure that your choice in eLearning aligns with your organisation's objectives. Remember, the best choice is one that is informed by thorough research and tailored to your specific requirements.

The best eLearning provider is also a partner who values your input and works collaboratively with you, and builds on your in-house or off-the-shelf offerings.

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