Custom Learning

We work closely with your business, stakeholders and learners to identify the needs of your learners to create custom learning solutions to fit your budget, timelines and objectives. Here's an overview of our offering:

eLearning & Interactive Experiences

Onboarding and Compliance

Mobile & Microlearning


Rapid Instructional Designers

Custom eLearning

It is crucial that learners stay engaged in order for them to be able learn.

Creating eLearns

Level-up your eLearning

Many people are under the impression that all you need to create effective eLearning is a copy-paste job from your subject matter expert. While it's commonplace, let’s be real here: creating high-quality content takes more than just using powerpoint templates or whatever else might have been handed down through generations before. Artistry with learning science is required to create engaging content while adhering closely (and appropriately) to evidence-informed practices. Our team has what you need - knowledge experience credibility--to make sure any creation meets YOUR learning objectives.

We use our skill sets to develop the best interactive experiences by combining multimedia, 3D interactive elements and gamification where possible. That means there's nothing out-of-box about any one project or service we offer--it's all custom made just for you!

VR Fire Warden

Safety & Compliance

Compliance training ensures all employees understand the policies, procedures and regulations required. It has a dreaded reputation of being filled with boring ‘Next’ buttons employees race to finish and forget to tick a box as ‘Complete’.

Our approach is different. We aim to make it enjoyable, increasing effectiveness and retention. Compliance training done well can save lives.

Mobile and Microlearning

Mobile & Microlearning

Mobile learning is here to stay, providing convenience and accessibility. A short 3-minute experience while waiting for a meeting can have a huge impact on performance over time! But there are some unique challenges with mobile. Content authoring tools either provide bad experiences or cookie-cutter formats that don't fit the learner's needs. We address this by programming everything from scratch to create the best learner experience.

To build on that, microlearning is a great way to provide just-in-time training and enhance retention with spaced repetition. It can be anything from an augmented reality experience on operating a fire extinguisher, a poster on how to correctly wash your hands or a SaaS FAQ.


Understanding Gamification

You may hear gamification around the office - but it's more than a buzzword. Know how you love filling up your coffee card with a stamp each morning? Boom, that's gamification at its finest. Gamification is applying game design to the learning experience. You can read more about gamification in our blog to clear common misconceptions.

People holding Australia Learning flag.

Rapid Designers

You might be familiar with instructional design or learning experience design and its role within learning and development to create impactful learning. The typical process begins with a training needs analysis (TNA) or learning needs analysis (LNA) to identify the learning objectives and stakeholder needs, then designing material to engage adult learners using a combination of solutions from microlearning, elearning, instructor-led training or even virtual reality training.

Gone are the days of 6 months to develop an eLearning module. Organisations need a fast turnaround, and we can work closely with your subject matter experts (SMEs) without sacrificing time or evidence-informed techniques for learning. Our team can do it all.

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