Learning strategy

An effective learning strategy accounts for organisational goals and values and the context in which it is being implemented. This may mean accounting for geographical location or culture.

Putting that strategy in the hands of Obsidea is a safe and effective way to enhance how your employees learn and grow within your organisation. Our aim is to shape your learning and development strategies to remain relevant in the twenty-first century by delivering you results-driven services. 
These learning strategies need to be suitable for the subject or skill that is being trained. They can be as big or small as required, and sometimes smaller works better.

As the learning objectives become more sophisticated and nuanced, we continue to improve our learning offering through technology, media, and digital experiences. For example, using video explainer videos convey information, simulations to teach software or even virtual reality to handle dangerous situations.

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Navigating the Landscape

Reimagining yourlearning Landscape

Have a problem? We have the solution. Through working with your organisation, we provide you with a clear pathway forward to reshape your landscape. 

Our strategy will have a long-lasting impact in your business; we don't aim for just a "one and done fix". Even long after we're gone, your L&D/HR teams will be equipped with ready-to-go templates and guides that have been performed from over a decade in the industry.

Creating eLearns

Instructional design

Our award-winning instructional designers help create learner-centric experiences that drive engagement. We work closely with your business, stakeholders and learners to identify the needs of your learners to create custom learning solutions to fit your budget, timelines and objectives.

Advanced Learning

Evidence-informed learning

While it is important to look ahead and seek new innovative ways to improve, it's also vital to recall the tried-and-true learning strategies that have been employed and proven successful.

Whether through our learning experiences, eLearns, blended sessions or media, we continue to deploy evidence-informed learning design inside of our offering to ensure we nail the return on your investment.

Serious talent. I enjoyed the rare experience of finding people who did not just execute the brief but came up with fantastic ideas and strategy that made my online programme exceed expectations.

Mark Hodgson
Executive Mentor

The value of this remarkable team is amplified by an ability to draw out the vision and ambition of others.  This is an ‘every case’ scenario with this team that follow through with passion and precision regardless of project size or complexity.

Billy Ellis
Educational and Psychology Practitioner

We partnered with Obsidea to deliver a large digital enterprise learning and development platform and i can’t recommend their services enough. The team bring a powerful blend of world class technical expertise combined with a customer obsessed mindset that delivers outstanding results. They are fast, strategic, agile and handled every challenge we faced on the project with aplomb.

Alex Wickert
Alex Wickert
Adapt Leadership
eLearning for Compliance

Onboarding and compliance

We believe that the first step to changing any organisation's learning lifecycle is by providing an onboarding program. This is one of our four strategic pillars. We aim to leave no confusion on what employees need to be successful and hit the ground running.

Compliance training ensures all employees understand the policies, procedures and regulations required. It has a dreaded reputation of being filled with boring ‘Next’ buttons employees race to finish and forget to tick a box as ‘Complete’. Our approach is different. We aim to make it enjoyable, increasing effectiveness and retention. Compliance training done well can save lives.

Project Management in L&D

Project Management

Projects can be a b*tch. We get it. But that doesn't mean they can't be simplified. We bridge the relationship between complexity and simplicity with simplexity. We will work within your existing teams to help elevate your internal projects. We are known as the "fixers", and we don't shy away from it.

In 2021, the top three focus areas for learning and development programs were upskilling and reskilling for the post-covid world, leadership and virtual onboarding. This is just the surface; many methods and technologies can help innovate your learning and development capacity - if you would like to continue this conversation, reach out!

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