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Making a great first impression matters. 

Onboarding is the most crucial part of maintaining performance and culture. This involves taking necessary steps to ensure new employees feel welcomed in your environment, have guidance for success, and get set up with all they need from day one. The process ensures longevity by building on top-quality foundations that last over time; it also creates excitement around coming into work every day!

Starting a new job is an exciting experience. Put yourself in the shoes of an employee starting in your company today - do you have a clear idea of what that experience is?

Learning Services

One in three people leave their job within the first year, which is determined by how well they are onboarded and introduced to your company culture.


Problems we solve

At Obsidea, we believe that the first step to changing any organisation's learning lifecycle is by providing an onboarding program. This is one of our four strategic pillars, and our aim is to leave no confusion on what employees need in order to be successful and hit the ground running.

We are dedicated to ensuring every onboarding program is a success. Whether you're looking for a complete overhaul of your existing program, an exciting new initiative in your company or onboarding to events and experiences we can assist every step of the way and increase:

Job clarity and satisfaction

Connection to organisational mission and values

Avoiding compliance risks

Location-based issues

Employee retention


Learning Strategy

We work with your teams to get an idea of your current onboarding structure and technology - in order for us to help optimise the onboarding we need to have a clear picture of how you currently work. Using this stage we get an understanding of what is required in your onboarding program from digital modules, checklists, new processes and more.

We focus on four milestones of your employees experience - their first day (including leading up to it), their first week, their first month and their first 90-days.

Finding the solution

We send you a structured learning design plan and roadmap that captures the overview of the onboarding program and what is required. Our team aligns your onboarding needs to your mission, vision and values.

This is the cornerstone of a good onboarding program and allows us to tie your processes. For more information, check out our learning strategy summary.

It's time to develop!

Once everything is confirmed, we get to work. All onboarding programs deserve the best attention and care. We ensure every new hire has an exciting experience from start-to-finish. 

Level-up your onboarding

Onboarding with the right team can change the way your business evolves its people. At Obsidea we have seen major change within organisations that have the right tools setup for the job.

Whether that be a central knowledge base for developing organisational career growth, a strong digital experience or something as small as a welcome pack.

We help you find what’s right for your business and help you continue that momentum with a create learning ecosystem.

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