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We create learning experiences that are engaging, efficient and effective that ignites people and business growth.

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Obsidea was founded in 2020 with the aim to create an Australian learning and development agency that makes it easy for organisations to turn their ideas into compelling learning solutions. We ensure consistent high-quality outcomes for our influential network of partners and advocates.
We understand projects can be complex, but that doesn't mean they can't be simplified.
People and brand identity is important to us and how we develop long-lasting learning.
Learning shouldn't be next buttons. We remove them, and with that, the barrier of boredom.
We craft stories to help learners connect and become emotional invested in learning outcomes.
Our growing team is fundamental to the success of Obsidea and our clients. We believe that today, moving the needle forward is imperative. We are here to redefine how people learn, consume and retain.

Our Values

Uphold Identity

We hold true to our values and bring clients along on that journey. We see each project as a partnership and uphold the identity of the brand, mission and objective of what we create.

One of our core values is upholding identity. This means we never put anything out we are not proud of; every project should push the needle forward. Companies must adapt or be left behind and this is only made possible with strong learning foundations. We partner with businesses who are looking to innovate their learning identity.

We make it easy for businesses to innovate their learning needs by using the latest technology, methods and authoring tools.

We never repeat old tricks, which means your employees will be able to experience new ways of learning to keep them engaged, from micro-learning, interactive magazines, XR experiences and more.

Create Simplexity

Nothing is too complex, in the new world simplexity always wins.

Evolve Ideas into Stories

Stories are compelling, and we believe learning should be as well. Human-centered values and connection is the future of learning.

Build Value

Rethinking value propositions to ensure return on investment for partners, learners and our team. We want to build as much value into every second of learning!

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