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The Ab2 Success programs are key factors in driving a more strategic student mindset. We helped Ab2 Institute of Accounting build out an array of success skill modules to allow students to do the best work of their careers.

What we've done

1. Created a number of professional and success skill courses with a course time ranging from 1-4 hours to assist Ab2 institute of account to educate internal and external students.

2. Developed 'Communicating with Influence' which targeted preparation, influence, building self confidence and enhancing written communications.

3. Developed 'Critical Thinking' which targeted essential decision-making skills and critical thinking techniques which included gamified problem solving blocks.

4. Developed 'Maximising Well-Being and Resilience' alongside educational physiologist to help students of all experience levels master their connection to themselves and develop emotional resilience.

5. Developed 'Personal Effectiveness & Time Management' which targeted a range of skills focused on providing solutions to daily challenges so students could work smarter and more productive in their day-to-day.

6. Created both Australian and American introduction to accounting and booking modules to kickstart the careers of people looking for a career in the finance industry.

What happened?

— This project was instrumental in providing internal and external students with international skills to do the best work of their careers.

— People going through the courses better understood their resilience scores (from the BRS rating) as well as what their SWOT were.

— The modules included in this program were included in award submissions, and won a number of LearnX Awards.

— In the 4 months since roll out of these courses (as well as Ab2's other suite of courses), there was a 2% decrease in performance-based attrition and an overall program NPS of 97%.

— The number of repeat purchases made by external clients had risen more than 20%.

You can view the range of Ab2 Institute courses by clicking here.

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