VR Leadership Circle

Virtual Reality


In early 2022 we brought over 100 leaders from nine cities in five countries on a metaverse enabled learning experience. Working with The Leadership Context, this was a pioneering experience and received very positive feedback from leaders across the board.

What we did

1. Created a new experience for an existing leadership program using the Leadership Circle through Unity

2. Partnered with platforms to enable upwards of 30 people within the room, where everyone had a voice

3. Created a pre-onboarding user experience for the Oculus that went through the main requirements for the VR session.

4. Organised pre-installed software to over 50 headsets for a "turn on and use" experience for every level of user

5. Component-based UI-kit

6. Product Design Sprints to explore new functionality

“There’s nothing like a global pandemic to put the brakes on a leadership program built around in-person activity, dialogue, and collaboration. Pivoting to VR allowed us to continue delivering the program to our leaders and hold true to our design principles for creating an interactive, challenging, and immersive learner experience.”

Nick Theori, Global Head of Learning, Leadership and Change at KONE

Key Findings

— As part of a blended learning experience, the VR sessions were designed to be 90-100 minutes log-in duration and no more than two sessions in one day were programmed. As we received participant feedback, we opted to add in more VR sessions to the curriculum due to the very positive nature of participant feedback.

— Leadership development related sessions were designed with various groups in mind. Plenary conversations took place in a large roof based ‘space’ around a virtual mat that represented a specific leadership assessment tool.

— Creating the unique and customised onboarding experience that guided the leader through setting up their headset, practising basic functions and familiarising themselves with VR attributes such as teleportation. This takes between 10-15minutes to complete. The participants who did so found the initial VR related activities to be very easy, and fun. Teething programs happened when people did not complete the pre-onboarding.

— Provide a visual framework that will help the product team iterate faster

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