How 3D Visuals Help Boost Australian Real Estate Market

Author: Dean
March 31, 2021

3D visualisation, walkthroughs, ArchVis and tele-inspections are probably terms you’ve heard thrown around a lot lately. That’s because they answered a fundamental question with Covid-19, how to safely explore property while you’re in the middle of an unprecedented health crisis. So you might think with Australia’s and particularly South-East Queensland’s excellent response these technologies would now go the way of so many before them and become novelty.

Instead, they’re about to explode in popularity and create a far better market for sellers that meets the expectations of a new stock of buyers. It’s not a secret that between 60 and 67% of millennials prefer to online shop, but it certainly seems like a secret that they’re also aged between 24 and 39. That’s right, Millennials have aged into a big-portion of people looking to buy their first home and they greatly prefer to do as much research and looking as they can on their devices instead of in person.

So how do we use this technology at Obsidea?

Aside from providing 360 videos and stunning real estate photography, we’re pioneering a new technology that lets potential buyers imprint their own designs onto their browsing experience. With 3D Architectural Visualisation, we create an explorable, computer-generated likeness of properties that are yet to be built. This allows customers to explore and understand the space, while keeping it impersonal enough that their imagination fills in how they would use the space. This technique also allows the buyer to explore every corner of the space and really get a feel from the perspective of everywhere in the room, unlike a standard 360 videos.

You may have seen have some existing properly rentals using a Matterport system, this is the look and feel we went for when creating the experience you see above. In the future, it will also let buyers play with different lightings and environments to immerse themselves in the mood of the property, such as changing furniture, wall colours and time of day.

Creating an ArchVis of your property can help buyers look past the decor chosen by the current owners, or for buildings under construction allow buyers to start exploring directly off-the-plan in a way never before possible. Reducing your wait to start inspections down to the time it takes to re-create the plan and make it available to potential buyers.

Recently, previously mentioned US firm Matterport found that 3D tour technologies lead to an increase of 40% in clicks and up to 95% more phone inquiries for properties using some kind of tour or 360 video technology. But at Obsidea we’re already looking forward to total 3D visualisations, which will allow you to be more proactive in how your properties are presented and provide a more engaging experience for potential buyers.

3D ArchVis technology also does away with many of the downsides to 360 video and other tour technologies. There’s no warped feeling of movement as still images/video are blended together to simulate walking through a house. The above example was created to be akin to Matterport, with future installments allowing for complete movement with a keyboard and mouse, or mobile.

The 3D environment actually exists, so you move through it naturally, as if you were walking through yourself.

We also don’t rely on the resolution of cameras, being able to produce content that scales seamlessly to the size of the device being used to view it. It also eliminates the need for strict and numbered viewing points, letting your buyers stop are more places to explore the property. With more advanced construction techniques, like 3D printing on the way, you want to make sure your next development is set up to succeed and impress your potential buyers whenever the technology shift occurs. Transitioning potential buyers to these new technologies now will prepare them for a future where most first experiences with a property will be virtual.

With an increased popularity and a new wave of buyers with different expectations approaching, there’s never been a better time to explore 3D architectural visualisation for your next sale or development.

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