OBSIDEA Joins Queensland Governments Preferred Suppliers

Dean Cook
July 4, 2024

A bit of a milestone for OBSIDEA, so here’s a quick news update!

We've been approved through SOA to deliver top-notch learning and development services through Queensland Government services. 

Our team will collaborate to design and develop cutting-edge instructional resources, including face-to-face, blended, and eLearning bespoke courses to enquiring companies through to 2027.

The services on offer are:

  • Instructional Design (eLearning courses) 
  • Face-to-Face Facilitation 
  • Vocational Education and Training requirements, working closely with Acreedo

This SOA highlights our dedication to innovation in education and training in our communities. We look forward to working closely with organisations that want to achieve that next level.

The buyer guides can be found in the Queensland Government Arrangements Directory and Portal, or by clicking here: Arrangement No: OIR 045_2223