What is Extended Reality Training?

Author: Dean
October 25, 2022

Extended reality (XR) training is an effective way for learners to immerse themselves into experiences that matter.

XR training is here, whether augmented reality or virtual reality it provides ideal environments for both technical and soft skill development. Nothing is impossible, and we are here to prove it. The future of learning is focused on high-impact, human-centric developments. Learners want technology-focused learning experiences that can provide them with direct feedback without delay.

Immersive learning technologies leverage extended reality, What is extended reality? It is the umbrella term for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). At Obsidea we develop bespoke custom immersive learning experiences using our expertise in this field. Let’s break down the benefits and common use cases for extended reality experiences.

What is Virtual Reality (VR?)

Virtual reality (VR) ignite huge benefit to learners through immersion. What really puts this medium over others is the increased speed to mastery, improved knowledge retention and ability to have no limits in the experience. The results we achieve with VR when combining evidence-informed learning strategies and technical expertise get results.

One of the best ways to learn something new is in an immersive environment that encourages this. It's also consistent that each employee will get the same experience every time, regardless of location.

VR is an emerging technology that's seeing rapid adoption by leading organisations because of the success VR training has achieved - virtual reality is at a point where it’s adopted and those that do not “put on the headset” so to speak, will be left in the past, similar to when digital transformation came for workbooks. The key benefits to virtual reality are:

  • Accelerate learning and proficiency
  • Increase learner retention
  • Replicate rare and dangerous scenarios safely
  • Scalable and consistent training experience
  • Built-in metrics

Virtual reality is not only safe, but it's efficient, effective and enjoyable! Virtual reality training eliminates the safety and cost barriers to dangerous, expensive and difficult to recreate scenarios.

What is Virtual Reality (VR?)

Augmented reality is tapping into what's already around us. It can be used in everyday life to bring objects and information to life. Augmented reality is a technology that brings the digital and physical world together. It creates contextual content by superimposing virtual objects over real ones, providing users with information about their surrounding environment in real-time.

Augmented reality has been the go-to solution for years now, and there are many benefits to this. AR can enhance existing traditional learning with microlearning experiences that can be completed as just-in-time training using your mobile phone or tablet!

Whether you need a bite-sized nugget refresher on last months compliance training or instructions about operating machinery - augmented reality excels in providing all these things at your fingertips where it matters most: right when they're needed (not weeks beforehand).The key benefits to augmented reality are:

  • Just-in-time training
  • Enhance existing learning
  • Familiar and uses existing devices
  • Immersive practical learning
  • Flexible

One of the leading benefits of AR is that it provides an entirely new perspective on how we learn. This mobile-focused method means you can invest your time in compelling and effective learning without investing more money into augmented reality devices, making this approach much cheaper for stakeholders who don't want another expense on their plate!

Set Sail with XR

Whether learning to operate heavy machinery, practising surgery or developing soft skills like team building, leadership, and empathy - Obsidea is here to help you create without roadblocks. Every company deserves the best, and we are focused on delivering it through new and exciting technologies.

Being such a new and perhaps intimidating field, it can be difficult to know where to begin adopting VR/AR into your business but don't worry.

At Obsidea, we are dedicated to ensuring every small or large business gets what they need. Whether you're looking for learning strategy consulting on how best to implement extended reality across your organisation, augmented experiences or custom VR courses around specific skillsets, we can assist every step of the way.